Introducing Brian Owiti Mukasa

Welcome to Brian

Meet Brian:   Brian Owiti Mukasa from Kenya, residing in capital Nairobi working with Sports outreach organization implementing a project initiative dubbed "JIHUSISHE " which is a Swahili word meaning getting everyone involved in issues, women, children and adolescents . 

Our work in Kenya

COVID-19 relief in Kenya

Brian works in Kenya especially in the slums areas including kibra which is the second largest slum in Africa, and Mukuru.  He also works with UNFPA Kenya country offices under the Youth advisory panel.  They mentor, empower influence policy makers and help in the adolescent and youth programming.  

Work in Kenya

What they do

 They are currently working on sensitization of the community  through online posters and videos.

We are also working on the distribution of masks, food and adolescent kit with the hep of UNFPA -Kenya.