1. Blindness Prevention: More than 10,120 children have been given Vitamin A to save them from going blind. These are children from slums, villages, orphanages, street children, and those living in shanties at construction sites.

1.4 million children worldwide go blind, the commonest cause being Vitamin A deficiency. In India, there are about 320,000 blind children. This is more than any other country in the world. Preventing blindness in children is a priority since it can affect their development, mobility, education and employment opportunities. These are children who live on a handful of rice daily, and have never seen milk, eggs and butter

2. Deworming: 9155 children have been given deworming tablets to treating worm infestation, thus improve health and nutritional status. Treating worm infestation improves nutritional status, as it prevents loss of nutrients from the body, prevents micronutrient deficiencies, and ensures that children retain adequate nutrients to support their mental and physical development. 

3. Prenatal Vitamins to Disadvantaged Mothers :These will improve nutrition for both the mother and the child. We have started a pilot with 500 pregnant women, each has been given a bottle containing 180 tablets of high quality vitamins. This project will go to scale in 2020 to serve 4000 women 

4. Holistic health care:  More than 23,000 disadvantaged families educated on breast feeding, immunisation, hygiene, hand washing techniques. We take care of gender issues and encourage families to do so. We dispel harmful life-threatening myths, such as: applying cow-dung on the umbilical cord, cessation of feeding when a child has diarrhoea or vomiting, giving diluted milk to neonates, going to witchdoctors who burn children with hot iron to ‘cure’ diseases, etc. 




Every Infant matters has been implementing its projects both directly or through health camps:

1. Virat Hospitals and Dr Virat Vir Yadav have conducted health camps in Rewari Haryana in villages and orphanages

2. Camp in collaboration with Chetna NGO and Apollo Hospitals was held in Mahipalpur on 1st September 2019

3. Health camps for children of labourers at construction sites by Pediatrician Dr Shalini Pandey