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Introducing Ekpenyong Effiok

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Introducing Ekpenyong Effiok

  • Ekpenyong Effiok is the Founder & CEO, JEKSUME RESOURCES COMPANY NIGERIA
  • SGx Director Calabar, Nigeria
  • Nominating Supporter
  • One Young World 2019 Summit London
  • Global Peace Index Ambassador
  • Institute for Economics and Peace Sydney
  • Partner with Every Infant Matters Association New Delhi, India
  • Team Lead Volunteers
  • Cross River State Coordinator
  • World’s Largest Lessons-Nigeria
  • Project Everyone

As a Social Entrepreneur, Ekpenyong Effiok currently holds the following positions:

1. Founder & CEO of JEKSUME RESOURCES COMPANY NIGERIA a.k.a JEKSUME FOUNDATION into humanitarian/healthcare services, agriculture, waste management, and event management businesses to mention a few;
a. In Partnership with Every Infant Matters Association New Delhi, India for medical outreaches as put corporate social responsibilities in Nigeria to distribute free supplements and deworming commodities for women and children.

2. Grassroots Entrepreneurship Skills Acquisition Initiative (GESA) Representative in Cross River State, Nigeria on ACTIVITY 4.2.17:-“Providing Accelerated Second Chance Education for women and Girls Including Boys and Men in 5+1 States”.

3. Lead Volunteer for World Largest Lesson to Coordinate Cross River State on SDGs.

4. Global Peace Index Ambassador Institute for Economics and Peace.

5. Nominating Supporter for 2020 One Young World Summit 2019 summit in Munich, Germany.

6. Startup grind x Director Calabar, Nigeria,

7. Executive Officer, Cooperative, NUT CRS, MPCS LTD., Calabar.


To be a leader in Humanitarian and Volunteering organisation rendering quality healthcare services in Africa.

Making the humanitarian and volunteering services attractive, inspiring, educative, and as a career path in the service of assisting humanity to all levels of the society.


Yes, our outreach includes everyone. We are not leaving anyone behind based on the 17 SDGs goals which I am the Cross River State Coordinator championing the cause. You can also see that in the pictures we sent to you earlier on. Religion, race, colour, or any other forms of segregation can not stop us from reaching out to more beneficiaries.


This partnership is a divine arrangement by God Almighty Himself, because of His Grace I have met Dr Radhika Batra. I am very happy to be doing this and also the beneficiaries are also glad that actually they can receive this quality supplements free of charge knowing fully well the economic condition of our nation. The beneficiaries are experiencing tremendous healing and restoration health wise from the feedbacks I am getting. My new name now is Dr. Vitamins, according to the beneficiaries due to the healthy pregnancy, treatment of the internal heat they all have, new conception by those child bearing mothers who had been barren, correction of hormonal imbalances, and regular menstrual cycles etc. This partnership has given me the right direction to see the needs of our country women and children and I hope to build on it further through your support and assistance. Thank you to Dr Radhika Batra and Vitamin Angels.

To Contact Ekpenyong:

 +234-8064013606 (calls & SMS)
+234-8058094420 (WhatsApp)
Skype: ekpenyong.effiok