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The Million Meals Project

Volunteers go out every day in the afternoon and serve freshly cooked nutritious meals to those who are hungry specially to migrant workers who have lost their jobs. The time has come that every person must work towards preventing hunger and saving lives. Food has become an urgent need.

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Zomato Feed India Initiative provides high quality, nutritious, freshly cooked food

We are distributing 3500 freshly cooked meals daily to combat hunger. We started with 200 meals in Delhi everyday. Now we send out 2500 meals  in 2 vans everyday. We distributed 1000 in Latur, and shall continue to scale.

We serve those whose lives have been devastated by the COVID pandemic. Women and children abandoned. Laborers who have lost their jobs. Marginalized communities like sex workers, transgenders, manual scavengers, tribals. 

Dedicated volunteers visit slum clusters carrying large steel containers of food, and serve with love and devotion.

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Exceeding our target – more than a million meals distributed already

Nothing can stop us from continuing the Million Meals Project. Neither Covid nor anything else. We shall continue to feed hungry & homeless children who so desperately need food to stave off the pangs of hunger and to prevent starvation.

We distributed 500 meals in 2 large slum clusters. Hats off to Abhinav for his dedication & perseverance in the face of the pandemic.


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We thank our donor Zomato Feeding India 

For their incredibly generous offer: Pick up as much food as you need from our kitchens!”  

We are thrilled to get food for distribution worth Rs 3 Crores ($650,000) We thank all those who have helped in raising our distribution costs of Rs 1.98 per meal.