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Health Camps

Every Infant matters has been implementing its projects both directly or through health camps held in partnership with other NGOs, physicians, and charitable organizations

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Some of our health camps…

The Indian Medical Association has carried out blindness prevention and women’s health camp in Lucknow

Camps were organised by Dr Rukhsana Khan, past President IMA Lucknow. These camps were attended by women and children from slums of central Lucknow as well as its suburban villages. Dr Khan accompanied by a team of doctors volunteered their time for this.

Camp in collaboration with Chetna NGO and Apollo Hospitals was held in Mahipalpur

Another camp was held Maidangadhi Delhi on 28th August 2019 with collaboration of Apollo group of Hospital and around 500 people  have been benefited in each camp.  Chetna is an NGO working in Delhi, Jaipur, Bundi and few other places of Rajasthan.

Health camps organised in Partnership with JNU Jaipur

Pregnant women were given prenatal vitamins given by the physicians at the  in-house hospital of JNU. Marginalised children from slums and villages were given Vitamin A and Albendazole both at the hospital as well as the camps they have organised in the slum areas. 

Health camps by Jeksume Resources, Calabar, Nigeria

This organization has carried out a series of health camps in Nigeria, in Ikot Ansa Primary Health Care center, and Diamond hill primary health care centre attended by several thousand women and children. The camps were held between September 2019-November 2019. More than 100 volunteers were in preparation for the training by Vitamin Angels.

Health camps by Jeksume Resources, in Ekori, Nigeria

A large scale camp carried out in Ekori community, Yakurr LGA in Cross River State, Nigeria, from 28th to 30th December, 2019. They were able to cover over 2,700 women beneficiaries. They have been booked to return in 6 months time to carry out another round of health services.

Health camps by Saksham

Saksham is implementing Projects of Every Infant Matters through its community teaching programs, plays, events, seminars & workshops at school, college, university as well as village & gram panchayat levels.  

Health camp by Dr. Shalini Pandey

Health camps for children of labourers at construction sites by was conducted by Pediatrician Dr Shalini Pandey.

Health camps by Virat Hospitals 

Dr. Virat Vir Yadav has conducted health camps in villages and orphanages in Rewari, Haryana

Health camps with Robin Hood Army

We partnered with the Robin Hood Army to work in the slums of Mumbai, India.