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9000 children will be given Vitamin A in the Philippines

Vitamin A deficiency is widely prevalent in many countries in Asia and Africa, including the Philippines. The incidence here has been reported from 15 percent to 20 percent. “This is equivalent to 2.1 million children who are at risk of getting sick, blind, and even death if left untreated,” says Dr. Reynante L. Ordonio from the Philippine Rice Research Institute. 

Health Futures Foundation and Every Infant Matters are together in  6 municipalities. We distribute 2 drops of Vitamin A to marginalized, malnourished children to save them from permanent blindness.

The project is being carried out in the Barangays (a Barangay is a cluster of villages or neighborhoods) in tandem with the government, and we extensively train Barangay Health Workers to include them in our projects. The work extends across 6 municipalities, one of them being a small island Capul, Northern Samar.  

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Partnership with Health Futures Foundation

We partner with a leading local health NGO in the Phillipines, the Health Futures Foundation, Inc. 

Covid has created seemingly insurmountable obstacles in implementation, fundraising, and building partnerships, but we have forged ahead in spite of challenges.  

Health Futures Foundation, Inc. has been carrying out yeoman service to humanity by providing health at the very last mile. We are honoured to work alongside Health Futures Foundation, Inc. , an organisation renowned for its results and impact at grassroots level, and have started a one-year-long project of giving Vitamin A to 9000 children across six municipalities. 

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Our Partners

We partner with a leading local health NGO in the Philipines, the Health Futures Foundation, Inc.