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Flood Relief in Himachal Pradesh

There is terrible devastation in the state of Himachal due to torrential rains, floods and landslides. Thousands are suffering. We are so grateful to our dedicated team of volunteers, led by Sharad Srivastava, who are distributing relief material in Solan and Simla, and further deeper into effected regions such as Bhuntar, Rohroo and Syange.

Grateful to our donors Amazon and Donatekart for sending us 690 bags of ration containing sufficient ration for 15 days for a family of 5. We are also distributing 690 hygiene kits containing soap, detergent, sanitisers, toothpastes,sanitary pads and other essential products.

We salute Sharad and his team of volunteers, who do not hesitate to reach the most challenging areas and are working at great peril to their own lives. They have ensured that the relief material goes only to those who are genuinely in need in places such as Kotkhai and smaller villages, and on the way to Jubbal near khada Pathar, Saraswatinagar, and other areas where surging waters and landslides have left people homeless.

“There is no food for my children. We will all starve in this calamity! We have no clothes, no utensils, no roof over our heads,” laments Murti devi, whose house was swept away by the floods. She wept with relief when we gave her several kilos or lentils, rice, flour and sugar.

Our volunteers worked with full enthusiasm and compassion. Their hands got bloody and blistered due to unloading trucks and carrying and distributing heavy bags of rations, undeterred by the pouring rain and difficult terrain. They are unfazed by challenges. They are upbeat and sanguine.