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Volunteers work tirelessly to serve the hungry

Published Nov 16, 2022
Updated Nov 16, 2022

We are distributing masks and soaps and hand sanitizers to homeless people, especially children, who are malnourished and vulnerable. They live in unhygienic conditions and survive on meagre scraps of food. Even though the disease progression in children is mild, they may pass on the virus to others who fall in the high risk category.  This small step taken in the right direction may help flatten the curve. We have partnered with a local NGO called Donate a Meal, this has shelters, free meals and distribution drives for homeless people. A pharmaceutical supplier is arranging these commodities for us at highly subsidized rates.  

Yes, we have got soap and sanitizers. Volunteers wash the hands of homeless children and adults before giving them a meal.

“I am honored and privileged that we could serve the Musahar Tribals near Banaras, UP. ‘ says Radhika. “They are indeed the poorest of the poor, as they  have even survived by eating rats when faced with starvation. We have given each family grocery kits containing 20 kg flour, 3 kg lentils, cooking oil, spices and sugar.”